The 48 Hours at Sebring

Is proud to bring to you the most exciting PCA Club Race in North America held at the historic Sebring International Raceway. Every year a strange gathering of Pink Plastic Flamingos and Daytona 24 Hours winners join another 350 to 400 Porsche drivers ranging from Advanced Solo to the who’s  who of Porsche drivers, many times arriving with the latest Daytona 24 Hour winning team and car. Kevin Buckler (TRG) started coming when his team consisted of himself and his wife in a pickup and an open trailer with his race car. TRG has grown to 4 or 5 tractor trailers filled with the latest Cup cars with top pro and arrive and drive participants and has not missed a year since the beginning. Nowhere else in club racing can you race in the day-and-night and discuss the proper line for turn 17 or compare lap times with, Kevin Buckler, Wolf Henzler, Leh Keen, Andy Lally, Shane Lewis, Michael Levitas, Randy Pobst, David Murry, Spenser Pumpelly and James Sofonas to name some of our regular attendees. 

It is the on-going vision of our co-chairmen to continue to enhance your experience whether you are a driver, PCA volunteer or spectator. Since the beginning our Committee has committed to this vision and welcomes each of you to our Club Race.  Significant enhancements over the years have allowed us to provide a great venue for Advanced Solo, a Test & Tune day, Day and Night Sprint races and 90 minute Enduro Races on Sunday. Our goal is to make your experience at the 48 Hours at Sebring the greatest racing experience you have ever had.

As you enter the paddock area, pause at the top of the bridge and open your eyes to find the infield full of tractor trailers, beautiful Porsches, and a host of vendors.  While we have been the largest Club Race in North America for many years, our goal continues to be the greatest race.  The number of GT3 CUP cars continues to grow each year, but we are proud of the fact that Porsches from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s still have a place for friendly competition under the watchful eye of the PCA Club Race scrutineers. We are honored that so many drivers have made the 48 Hours at Sebring their home each February.


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